"Rick Ray is a virtuoso guitarist" (Vitaly Menshikov - Progressor)

"Rick Ray and company remain one of America’s hidden treasures" – Craig Hartranft – DangerDog Reviews

"Old lightnin’ fingers is in top form once again" – Phil Jackson – ACID DRAGON

"Guitarist Rick Ray and his band  are masters of rock who work  with all its elements" (Mark Kirby-MusicDish Network)

"Progressive/hard rock's most prolific group of the last decade"
(Pete Pardo - Sea Of Tranquilty)

"I can't think of anyone or band who are half as good as your band." - Cliff Jackson (Guitarist - Vocalist from the band Epitaph)

"All songs have a certain intensity to them, and even in the slower passages you get the impression the band is impatient to
get back to the driving, virtuoso performances of the hard stuff"
Duncan Glenday - Progressive World)

"Rick Ray is a guitarist (perhaps one of Ohio's best) who bursts the shred-o-meter mercury with his heavy brand of jamming,
progressive rock" (Jim Lascko -
Strange Trips)

"absolute best guitarist" (it also has the distinction of being one of the (few) albums that stays in my CAR player)!
 (Rotcod Zzaj- Impovijazzation Nation)

"Rick’s highly intense guitar virtuosity will mesmerize you with dominating licks only comparable to the likes of Frank Marino,
Robin Trower, or Jeff Beck.  His playing is just out of this world." - Jaspur – North Coast Voice

"the compositions are a flaming fire that won’t burn out" -  Zachary Nathanson (Music From The Otherside)

"Rick Ray is a veteran guitar genius" Laura Turner Lynch - Kweevak

Rick Ray at sound check in the Shore
, this theater is the second
best in Ohio for perfect acoustics.
Tests run by the Cleveland Orchestra.