The Rick Ray Band has officially released their new album "DARK MATTER HALO" on July16th, 2019
You can order this through on the album cover. This will get you to where you can listen on Spotify, iTunes or Deezer of buy from CDBaby.

Prevoius release "Killing Time" 2017
The Rick Ray Band

Press release for Killing Time by The Rick Ray on the album cover.
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Review of Killing Time
...another review of Killing Time

The song "Bomb Day" by Neurotic (Rick's band from '73 to '85) from the album Mazy Craniacs. Recorded June 22nd, 1979. The band at this time consisted of Rick Ray - Guitar, John Ray - Bass, Rick Schultz - Reeds, Harvey Phillips - Drums.

"Money Up Your Nose" performed by Rick's old band Riot Act from the 90's. The band
at the time consisted of Henry Brettragger - Bass and Vocals, Gregg Davidson - Drums, Fred
Chesnes - Guitar, Rick Ray - Guitar and Vocals.

"Life In The Electric Chair" performed by Rick's old band Riot Act from the 90's. The band
at the time consisted of Jack Ambrose - Bass & Vocals, John Cek - Bass & Vocals, Rick Ray -
Guitar & Vocals.

...and a video from the Rick Ray Band at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio

The song HOLOGRAM from the album Killing Time

You can read the an interview with
Rick Ray
by clicking on the picture below:

Rick wanted to play guitar after seeing the The_Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in '64. He got his first guitar in '66 at the ripe old age of 6 going on 7. In '73 he started the band NEUROTIC which went on until 1984. He then formed the Rick Ray Band (version - 1) which went on until 1989. In 1990 he formed the band Riot Act which lasted until 2000. In 2000 Rick reformed 'The Rick Ray Band' (version - 2) and has been recording and performing with them since then.

The Rick Ray Band have opened for:
Lynyrd Skynyrd,

Blue Oyster Cult,

Pat Travers

The Dregs

Robin Trower
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush

The Steve Morse Band
Uli Jon Roth

The Michael Schenker Group

Allan Holdsworth
Gary Hoey
Peter Frampton

Lynch Mob
The Mark Wood Band
(members of T.S.O.) 
The Average White Band
Crack The Sky
Bruce Bouillet (guitarist from Racer X)
Eric Gales Band
The Happy Together Tour (featuring Flo & Eddie)
Kill Devil Hill (members of Sabbath, Dio, Pantera, Down)
Fates Warning
Vinnie Moore

Michael Angelo Batio
King's X
Blue Coupe

Although there are quite a few releases from The Rick Ray Band, it's in the live setting where the nuclear reaction happens...on stage, the band is on fire.
You can contact Rick directly here - Rick's E-Mail

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Rick opening for the Blue Oyster Cult and Lynyrd Skynyrd  at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
The Rick Ray Band was on the 2nd stage for this gig.

Rick Schultz - Reeds, performing live with The Rick Ray Band at the Time Warner Amphitheatre in Cleveland.

Rick Ray opening for Michael Schenker at the Agora.

Shaggy jammin' at the Dolphin down by Columbus, Ohio

Kip Volans - drummer extraordinaire jammin' at Stella's in Downtown Cleveland